Program Management

“A new era using the latest project/program management skills and tool sets has begun”.
Jagdish Salgaonkar, Chairman, MVPL

As India marches ahead in its quest to become a global leader, building mega projects will become the essential backbone to our public and private infrastructure. Be it smart cities, transportation (metro rail, highways), airports, seaports, water & wastewater systems or an industrial / manufacturing facility, mega-projects require large investments, are vastly complex in nature and have a huge impact on the economy, environment and society.  The 2017-18 economic survey published by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, estimated that approximately 304 lakh crore investment is required in Indian infrastructure by 2040. The December 2018 report published by the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation (MOSPI) reviewed 1424 central infrastructure projects worth INR 150 crore and above and found more than 25% were delayed and collectively lost over INR 3.17 lakh crore. Hence, there is a strong case to revamp the traditional ways of managing projects and replace with new strategies, processes and tools which are effective in managing risks, cost and schedule.

global project management expertise

The principals at MVPL have been involved in delivering large, complex, multi-year programs all around the world including India. A multidisciplinary team can provide strategic advisory and consulting services in the all the aspects infrastructure development particularly in the areas of risk, schedule and cost management. The primary focus of our service will be to advise clients on how to:


  • Advisory on setting up a PMO
  • Project / Programs Strategic and Financial Planning


Project/ Program Management Audits for:

  • PMO processes
  • Design / Engineering Management
  • Cost and Schedule Controls
  • Procurement and Contract Management
  • Construction Management
  • Change Control and Management
  • Program Management Information Systems and Electronic Document Management



  • Government (central & state) agencies
  • Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV)
  • Private sector clients
  • Financial Institutions
  • Multilateral Development and Financing Agencies (ADB, World Bank etc)
  • Multinational Consulting Firms
  • Non-government Organizations (NGO